The Wreck Room is for ages 16 and up. The Paint Room is all ages, but babies might get lost under a bucket of fuchsia


Yeah, we want everyone to be able to make a mess! Wreckingballers is for big kids and WB Paint is for all kids. Separate experiences that must be booked individually.


We offer various packages ranging from $30-70 with the option to add-on ala carte items to extend the fun.


Yes, Laurence Oliver, it is. Pretty much. Of course, forcefully smashing fragile items with heavy tools does carry an inherent risk. We give you the face/head/body/hand protection that you need to emerge unscathed. Also, we only allow one person to break at a time, with the rest of the group viewing from a shielded window.

How can I prepare?

Listen to a lot of Metallica on the car ride over. Beyond that, we have everything you need - except shoes. Please come with closed-toed footwear.

WHat about covid-19?

Yeah, that whole thing sucks. But it hasn't stopped us, so don't let it stop you! For the health and safety of the public, our staff wears masks and frequently disinfects all touch points including the protective gear and tools used in the wrecking process.

what do I get to break?

Awesome stuff! Packages include bottles, pottery, VHS tapes, electronics, etc. Lots of random items make their way into the mix as well and we have a rotating selection of big ticket pieces (TVs, copy machines, entire China hutches...) that you can opt to add-on.

HOw many people can party?

Our lobby is small, but mighty! Still, we have to limit group sizes to 6 to ensure everyone has ample room to suit up and smash down. If you have more friends (congrats, by the way), they are encouraged to kick it upstairs and grab a bite at Fork Forty Food Hall.

how do I find this place?

We are located at 440 State Street, Salem OR 97301. In the basement of Fork Forty Food Hall. Please enter at the back of the alley, behind the building. There'll be a big logo on the door.

Do I have to book in advance?

We love to know who is coming and encourage you to pick a time slot (no added cost). But if you are living in the moment and find yourself downtown looking to have some fun, come find us! If we have an opening, we'll gladly fit you in.

what if I get smashed before I come to smash?

We have a zero tolerance policy for intoxicated participants - for your safety and ours. Tipsy, drunk, stoned or high - please come back when you are not.

Do you have a theme song?

We do. And it has the lyrics "broken glass, everywhere..." Sorry, Ms. Cyrus - you didn't make the cut.